Hello, I am Sam Heredia and this is my story

I felt like the worst woman ever while feeling like the world around me was black and white.

 In 2016 my life took a turn, I got married and started to take hormonal birth control (HBC).

As months passed by, things started to get worse, and I didn't recognize myself. I had the feeling “someone else” was living inside of me and I didn’t know who she was. 

Towards the end of my cycle  I would become extremely irritated to the point of waking up screaming from the bed because my husband was brushing his teeth while the faucet was open to crying like a baby minutes later. 


Weird feelings came in waves and I felt so overwhelmed. After some self analyses and a lot of reading I figure out what was the cause of it all, hormonal birth control.


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I want my cup to overflow