This course is for you! 

Are you are tired of being on a form of hormonal birth control but have never learned how your body works? You want to quit hormonal birth control but you are afraid. I get it, I've been in your shoes before! 

Are you ready to quit HBC but feel like first you need to understand your body & cycle? Then once you have the basic knowledge and the tools needed you can confidently embark on a new journey.

 Are you not on any hormonal birth control but feel like you don't know anything about your body & cycle?

Do you feel lost regarding your body & cycle? Growing up you weren’t really told much about your period or anything else for that matter and to this day you are a bit embarrassed because you still don’t feel very knowledgeable.

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With this course you'll be able to reduce the learning curve to understand your body better. You'll be able to learn what I've learned and researched for the past 3 years.  You will be among the 3% of women who are able understand their body + cycles. After this course you will understand how your body works so you can make informed + empowered decisions about your health. If you need direction, this course is for you! 

Some of the topics covered in this course

Interviews with different fertility awareness methods instructors & other Holistic Professionals dedicated in the Women's Reproduction field including a Vaginal Steamer Instructor.

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By the way, if you have not started to care for your hormones by ditching some household items and switching to plant based products you have the option to get an amazing + life changing bundle and you'll be gifted the course. Either way, no big deal.  If you do choose the bundle click on "Get The Bundle" bellow and "Other Premium Kits" in the page that will pop up and choose "Thieves Starter Bundle."

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