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Hello, I am Sam Heredia and this is my story

I felt like the worst woman ever while feeling like the world around me was black and white.

 In 2016 my life took a turn, I got married and started to take hormonal birth control (HBC).


At the beginning, I did not realize how my body was reacting to it in a bad way until things that had never happened before hit me. After a year I noticed I had no emotions and this may sound weird but I made myself be upbeat and happy all the time while inside things didn’t really make sense. It was like I was numb to everything around me.
As months passed by, things started to get worse, and I didn't recognize myself.
 I had the feeling “someone else” was living inside of me and I didn’t know who she was

Towards the end of my cycle I would become extremely irritated to the point of waking up screaming from the bed because my husband was brushing his teeth while the faucet was open to crying like a baby minutes later. 





Weird feelings came in waves and I felt so overwhelmed. 

After some self analyses and a lot of reading 
I figure out what was the cause of it all, hormonal birth control.

It was time to quit. 

It was time to let my body do what it had been designed to do. It was time for me to learn how my body worked, because I was 28 years old and I had no idea how complex and amazing a woman is throughout her cycle. My eyes were opened and I found ways to naturally support myself as I was being introduced to this other woman who I had not met before. I kept implementing a protocol and I wasn’t irritated by small things anymore, I wasn’t feeling down and sad anymore.



I am just so glad that I became aware of my cycle and of who I am. It is exciting to be able to support all the feelings and emotions that come my way throughout the month. I have a protocol to guide me each day so I can live my best life. My cup has been overflowing, and because of that I can also help other women to get to know themselves better while finding a protocol that fits their busy life.

If you want help with doable steps to quit any form of hormonal birth control 

Join our community and together let's bring colors back to your world

I want to see in colors again